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Pros and Cons of using Samsung wireless DeX

One of the most amazing mobile desktop environments is presented by Samsung DeX. Although it offers several benefits, still it can’t be deemed as a substitute for a PC. However, every small bit of performance is significant. It can be used directly on-device like on a tablet. In the other case, it can be used by connecting a Galaxy smartphone or tablet with a TV or a monitor via a wired connection.

In case of a wired connection, an HDMI-USB hub is required. However, it can be a little difficult to find one. Since Samsung DeX is quite selective with the hub. Furthermore, the company no more manufactures DeX stations. It is one of the reasons that it could be difficult to locate the perfect HDMI hub.

Given this scenario, the simplest and most convenient way to try Samsung DeX could be a wireless connection. It won’t require an HDMI-USB hub. Just wirelessly connect DeX and the compatible TV or monitor. The wireless method of using Samsung DeX has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. These are listed below:

Advantages of Samsung wireless DeX:

  • It requires the use of a DeX-supported Galaxy smartphone or tablet and a TV with Miracast (Samsung smart TV introduced in 2019 or later). It eliminates the requirement for an HDMI-USB hub.
  • Samsung DeX wireless can be used anywhere. The only limitation is a compatible TV or monitor without having to set up any HDMI cables.
  • It doesn’t require any specific apps to be installed on the devices. Samsung Wireless DeX is available on your Galaxy phone or tablet that is based on One UI.

Disadvantages of Samsung wireless DeX:

  • You will require a TV or monitor having Wi-Fi Direct 5GHz support in order to reduce delay and increase image quality.
  • It presents the problem of input lag in two situations: a) when employing Samsung DeX with a mouse and keyboard, and b) when utilizing the smartphone or tablet as a touchpad.
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