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Samsung assists developers in ray tracing optimization for mobile games

Ray tracing is a technique that replicates the bouncing back of light from objects and surfaces. Using this basic principle, the technique presents reality to 3D scenes in video games. However, it requires powerful hardware. Still, it is slowly and gradually making progress among mobile devices. Besides this, the technique is rarely used in PC and console games. The biggest concern is taxing on performance.

At MWC 2023, the tech giant Samsung claimed that the company wants to be the main lead for the development of ray tracing-based graphical rendering techniques for mobile devices. Ray tracing technology has the capacity to improve graphics quality as well as present realism. However, it is quite expensive in terms of its performance. But tech company Samsung is ready to assist with the optimization process.

Some sources like Pocket Tactics claim that the Executive VP at Samsung Electronics and Head of Mobile R&D Office at Mobile eXperience Business, Won-Joon Choi, stated that the company is eager to assist with the developments in ray tracing instead of just sitting and observing the situation passively.

Samsung will help developers with the development of ray-tracing games

The executive from the company stated that Samsung is highly interested in the development of mobile devices that could be actively involved in the optimization of ray tracing technology. Furthermore, Choi mentioned that the company is already working in close association with various game developers. However, the official has not mentioned the name of any particular studio.

In addition to this, Choi mentioned that although ray tracing is not common in the mobile market, however, time will unveil the results. Besides this, the Exynos 2200 by Samsung utilizes AMD RDNA2 graphics. Interestingly, it has support for ray tracing. However, the company was not quite successful with this idea. Still, it is working the ray tracing technology in close association with game developers.

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