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PS5: Sony Might Expand SSD In Summer

PS5 Console Design

The PlayStation 5 came on the market at the end of 2020 and even if the console is still difficult to get and does not yet offer too many games, many would like to be able to expand the memory. And that will also come in the foreseeable future.

The reviews and user votes for the release of the PlayStation 5 were extremely positive. But that doesn’t mean that there was no reason to criticize. The relatively high volume of the cooling system and the lack of an option to expand the SSD were and still are criticized.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Sony will address the problem with the memory in a few months, which are sensitive to high volume, but for them, this might not be good news.

Accordingly, the PS5 manufacturer will open the console for internal memory upgrades next summer. This eliminates a “bottleneck” that means that owners can only install a limited number of games at the same time. Because the PlayStation 5 has 825 gigabytes of memory, but only 667 GB of it can actually be used.

Higher fan volume possible

The associated firmware update will also have a second consequence: the support of additional drives will or could also result in an increased fan speed. Because the new system software will lift a previous block or raise an upper limit. This is necessary because additional storage tanks have to be cooled accordingly. Whether and how this will have an audible effect cannot currently be predicted.

Mind you, the memory expansion is not an external drive, because the PlayStation 5 can only use it for games from the previous generation PS4. Sony did not want to comment on this but only announced: “As already announced, we are working on enabling an M.2 SSD storage expansion for PlayStation 5. The time has not yet been announced and details will be communicated later.”