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Is Rocket League Worth Playing in 2021?

Rocket League

Rocket League has been out for over 5 years now. The game was made available on different platforms in 2015, alongside its release. Haven’t played Rocket League yet? Or are you considering to get your friends into it? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here are some reasons why the Rocket League is definitely worth playing in 2021.

1. Free to Play

With a premium runtime of five long years, Psyonix has finally made Rocket League free-to-play.

The game officially switched to being free-to-play since the 23rd September, 2020. Since the game does not possess the $60 price-tag anymore, the risk of trying the game out and seeing if you will like it is little to none.

Even better, Nintendo Switch users will not require Nintendo’s online subscription to play with your friends. Likewise, PlayStation owners also do not require PS Plus to access the game’s online multiplayer features. And as usual, PC players only need to download the game from the Epic Games Store and dive right into it. However, the Xbox players will require the standard Xbox Live Subscription to play the game online.

2. Low Time Commitment

Unlike most multiplayer games, Rocket League’s fast-paced games take only five minutes. Throw in some instant replays and overtimes, the matches can somewhat reach 10 minutes. Hence, if you’re a busy person yet still want to play some games, then you cannot go wrong with Rocket League. Looking to advance your game to the next level? Rocket League credits can help you unlock blueprints and purchase various items from the shop, if you’re looking to buy Rocket League credits, consider checking out Eldorado where you can find the best prices available.

The likes of Dota 2 and CS:GO are great games. However, the matches in these games can be needlessly stretched out. These games require a minimum of an hour to actually make your time worth spending on games.

Nevertheless, Rocket League’s short matches, as well as the variety of game modes it offers are definitely worth trying out. 

3. Massive Playerbase

Rocket League has had a huge playerbase ever since its release. However, with the game going free-to-play, Rocket League now peaks at above 200,000 players every single day. Being an avid online gamer, you probably understand how active this makes the game.

Most online multiplayer games end up with inactive playerbases, especially after a few months of launch, let alone five years. Follow that up with Rocket League going free, and you have a massively active playerbase.

But, how does this benefit you?

For starters, the game will take little to no time to match you up with other players. An active community also indicates the presence of countless videos and articles regarding the game, which may help you become a better player and make more friends.

4. High Skill Cap

If you’re more drawn into the competitive aspect of a game, then Rocket League will definitely not disappoint you. The game offers significant mechanical depth along with key gameplay elements to keep your mind engaged. There are tons of skills and techniques to learn and improve on.

The difference in skill between the Bronze tier player and Grand Champions is quite huge. But, unlike other competitive games, you can actually enjoy the game without being good at it. All you need to know are the basics and you’ll be good to go!

5. Lots of Game Modes

Alright, since we have discussed the competitive side of Rocket League, let’s take a look at how the casual scene is for the game. Rocket League comes with a bunch of casual, stress-free game modes that will allow you to lay back and enjoy the game.

Then again, if you’re interested in some casual 1v1 competitive game, then Rocket League has got you covered for that as well.

Rocket League also gets several event modes every month, with interesting game modes that enable players to experience the game in a more different way than usual. For instance, Psyonix introduced the Spike Ball mode which allows players to pick up balls and destroy other players’ vehicles by hitting them.

Similarly, Rocket League also has a basketball-esque game mode known as Hoops, Rumble, as well as an arcade-styled variant called Dropshot.

Nevertheless, if it isn’t clear by now, the game is definitely worth playing even in 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Download and get into the game right away!