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PTCL Submarine Cable Could Speed Up The Internet In The Country

The authorization of World’s biggest submarine cable system Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1) is announced by PTCL. The cable system would be 25,000 km long. In fifteen years this would be the largest submarine cable system that will link South East Asia to Europe through Egypt.

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Salient features of the high capacity cable system:

  • Via Middle East, major South East Asian countries would be linked to Europe and Africa
  • Ease and support exceptional trade growth between Asia and Africa
  • Consistent, strong and low dormancy connectivity would be provided on most developed and active global trade routes
  • Bring variety and protection to the current highly jammed subsea cable systems
  • Meet the overgrowing demand for international transport capacity in areas where there is low internet penetration mainly in Europe-Asia corridor
  • Traffic between any two points is fast
  • Lowest latency connections are provided by AAE-1.
  • Capacity of 40 Terabits per second, 100Gbps transmission technology across 5 fiber pairs

    PTCL has been service provider of telephone and internet in Pakistan for 70 years; it is by far the biggest Broadband service provider in the country. It is already part of three different global submarine cable systems that are SMW-3, SMW-4 and IMEWE.