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Facebook Will Launch Live Group Video Chats As a Next Gimmick

Facebook is reportedly working on a new app which would let is huge users base to make live group video chats on Facebook’s platform.

Sounds fun right? Of course it would be real fun when a group can gather and have live chat without spending hours of travelling and getting together at some place, the busy life sometimes makes it really hard to get everyone on board when it comes to getting together, Facebook would let you make that happen now…

Reportedly, Facebook is copying another startup’s app called “Houseparty” test and demonstrated within their employees is set to release later this year. The new facebook app said to be recognized with name “Bonfire” further details about Bonfire are not revealed yet but it was described as “proper clone of Hoseparty” according to the report on Verge.

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Life on Air is the startup which is currently working on its new app “Houseparty”, the startup is essentially considered as innovative with its previous achievements. Life on Air made “Meerkat” app the first in the market to start live broadcasting trend, Android authority has mentioned it in a blog post that after the launch of Meerkat app Twitter made a deal to acquire periscope and Facebook started its on live feature.

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Houseparty is quite famous among teenagers, the app had more than 1.2 million users last year, daily 20 million minutes of usage is recorded on this app.

The app allows virtual hang out with friends, users get notifications and invitations for this.

Would it be the end of “Houseparty” once other giants like Facebook jump into the market with the similar app? Just like Meerkat which was eventually dead after Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope.