Public Phone chargers are a security risk, according to the FBI

Public chargers can be found in malls, airports, and several other public places. But did you think public chargers could be a security risk? Well, they are according to the FBI. FBI has requested everyone to stop relying on these chargers and instead use a power bank or a portable charger while traveling.

FBI states that some hackers have found a way to introduce malware and some monitoring software on devices that are charged using the USB ports at these public locations. To avoid such situations, people must carry their own chargers and USB wires with them and just use the electrical supply at such places. a

This situation is generally referred to as ‘juice jacking’. In this situation, hackers can successfully install malicious code into public charging stations. In this way, they can conveniently read and steal data from mobile devices. Sometimes they can even track the devices. From a general perspective, Android devices are more likely at a risk for such threats. However, iOS devices can’t be excluded from this list.

How to avoid this situation?

In order to avoid juice jacking, carry your own charging apparatus while traveling. Or in another case, you can opt for a battery pack for your device. Besides this, you can find several other options. The convenience of a battery pack is that it can be carried inside a pocket. It avoids the requirement of staying close to an outlet. It can literally work anywhere and in any situation.

Although it might sound scary, however, it is not that difficult to be avoided. Such types of USB ports are used almost everywhere. Avoiding them in the first place could be difficult. But with proper preparation before traveling, you can avoid such security risks.