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Quick Share on ChromeOS will get more efficient

Google provides a nearby file-sharing app/feature called Quick Share for Windows, ChromeOS, and Android users. When two Android devices are connected via the Wi-Fi Direct network, which eliminates the need for an intermediary device like a Wi-Fi router they establish a direct connection and make use of the fastest file transfer speed available.

Nevertheless, files are shared over Wi-Fi rather than Wi-Fi Direct when you use Quick Share between two ChromeOS devices or between a ChromeOS and an Android smartphone. It has slower file transfer rates in addition to requiring the two devices to be linked to a Wi-Fi connection. ChromeOS doesn’t use Quick Share, is a major factor in why Quick Share uses this technique.

Google is making ChromeOS compatible with Wi-Fi Direct

It has been reported by Mishaal Rahman on Android Authority that Google is in the process of integrating Wi-Fi Direct compatibility into ChromeOS. The most recent update was made public via Chromium Gerrit. Quick Share on the platform can use Wi-Fi Direct, which Google will enable in ChromeOS, to connect directly to another ChromeOS or Android device. This eliminates the requirement for the two devices to connect to a Wi-Fi network and speeds up file transfers for faster file transfer times.

There is currently no word on when Google plans to update Quick Share on ChromeOS to use the new connectivity option and when Wi-Fi Direct support will be added to ChromeOS. But based on past feature rollout experiences, anticipate seeing the functionality appear in the operating system’s stable version after a few months in the Dev and Beta channels.

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