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Quora data compromised: Personal data of 100 million users stolen

US-based question-and-answer website Quora announced today’s big data breach, affecting more than 100 million users registered on the website.

According to the CEO of Quora Adam D’Angelo, the unauthorized third party get the details including Account information, e.g. name, email address, encrypted (hashed) password, data imported from linked networks when authorized by users, public content and actions, e.g. questions, answers, comments, upvotes, non-public content and actions, e.g. answer requests, downvotes, direct messages.

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The company announced that it discovered the data breach on November 30 and still investigating the whole matter. Moreover, the company has logged all the users out and forcing all the users with a password to reset the password.

“We are in the process of notifying the users of the website whose data has been compromised,” Adam added.

The company is sending emails to the users to notify them about the data breach, but right now all the available information regarding data breach is organized in the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

However, the company had notified the law enforcement officials about the breach and said that the steps have been taken to ensure that the situation is in control. The company said in a tweet that protecting the information of the users is the top priority.