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Samsung cheats with DSLR photo on Galaxy A8 Star page

Samsung caught

This is quite understandable when smartphone makers promote their mobile devices they tend to use very high-resolution images that are taken from very high-quality DSLR’s but many people fall prey to their deceptive marketing practices.

People can assume that the images that are shown on the landing pages of smartphones were actually taken using their own lenses which could or could not be true. As far as consumer law is concerned this falls in deceptive advertising practices.

However, when the advertiser describes the feature of a smartphone specifically it must use the original instance of the feature, for instance, if you have to show the photo which captures depth of the field and bokeh effect with one touch you must show what the actual bokeh effect and depth of field looks like when the feature is in use.

Samsung has been caught using an image which was originally taken from a high-quality DSLR, the photo under question is posted on Samsung Hong Kong website. The image shown on the page was actually taken from a DSLR and not Samsung Galaxy A8 Star, diyphotography claims.

Earlier Huawei was caught using the same practice while promoting their device Nova 3i in a video, however, the company reiterated that the product shots were only for reference.

Such, deceptive practices by the smartphone makers are not new, the companies are also caught faking the performance benchmark scores including Huawei, Oppo, Samsung, and others.

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