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Razer, The Gaming Company To Launch Its First Smartphone

Razer the gaming hardware company is releasing its first smartphone on November 1st. The company posted a teaser of its phone on Twitter which displays a man holding a smartphone in his hand and below it, it is written, ‘Watch, Coming Soon, November 1st’.



There are rumors about what the phone will look like and its features. As per a listing on GFXBench the phone might have a 5.7-inch display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. It will almost be same as LG G6. The phone will have a Snapdragon 835 processor, a rear camera 12-megapixel and front camera 8-megapixel. The internal storage will be 64GB.

One interesting feature of the phone will be that it will be coming with 8GB of RAM. Currently, most Android phones have 4GB RAM, while few have 6GB. So Razer might just have an advantage over those phones.

Most probably Razer’s phone will be a device for gaming. It makes sense as Razer is basically a gaming company. More RAM will be beneficial for the phone, but more importantly, the whole package offered by the company will matter the most.

The phone will run on a custom Android version based on Nougat. We can hope for some features built by Nexbit and few gaming specifications on the phone. The combination of both will bring forward an interesting look of the phone. As the date November 1st was mentioned in the tweet, we can hope for some updates, announcement or release news on that date.

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