Reddit is going to introduce accessibility changes to its iOS app


Reddit is constantly receiving criticism for its modifications to the API policy. These changes have made it difficult for various third-party apps to keep functioning. In this way, users are deprived of access to such sites. Given this scenario, the company is now trying to offer moderation tools via the main app. Reportedly, the company will introduce several changes to the iOS app. These modifications will help make the moderation tools more accessible to users.

The site is “committed to making it easy for moderators using assistive technology to moderate using Reddit’s iOS and Android apps,” according to Reddit director of product “u/joyventure” in a Friday update. Reddit is going to make adjustments to its own mobile app after speaking with moderators who utilize assistive technology offered by third-party apps.

Over the course of the next few months, the company will introduce several changes to the iOS app. It is reported that the company will work on ModQueue, ModMail, managing users within communities, and accessibility of moderation tools by mods by July 1. Later that month, the company will introduce modifications and improvements to the community settings, ban evasion settings, and additional user settings. However, the rest of the changes including mod surfaces will be introduced in August.

As compared to several third-party apps, Reddit’s main app is equally serviceable for users. However, still users prefer some third-party apps to access and moderate the site. Some prefer to employ third-party tools that may provide an even greater degree of accessibility when moderators need accessibility tools to regulate communities. Given this perspective, the availability of moderation tools within the core app will be advantageous for users in the long run.

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