An update on Reddit’s API changes and subreddits protest


The company Reddit is currently dealing with negative feedback and responses from users and mods for its API changes. The user “u/PotRoastPotato” commented on the recent post regarding changes in the iOS app and said that the new changes are cruel. Since they will force disabled users to learn new tools instead of using the same old tools in order to access the communities of their choice.

In response to Reddit’s PAI changes, Apollo is discontinuing by the end of this month. On the other hand, the company has exempted some non-commercial apps from its new API policy. Such apps are associated with providing access to accessibility features. As a protest, some communities even permitted NSFW content on the platform. To force Reddit to take its API changes back, some hackers even threatened the company with leaking their data. Furthermore, the company threatened that it will ban moderators if they continue the protest. But it seems like nothing is working in favor of commercial communities.

r/TranscribersofReddit will shut down on June 30

Meanwhile, the community r/TranscribersofReddit will also shut down on June 30. The community is known for its expertise in content transcription for other subreddits, but it also extensively relies on accessibility features in external tools and third-party apps. In a community post on Thursday, the r/TranscribersofReddit said that the new API policy will make it difficult for Transcribers of Reddit to operate. Although it is not impossible but still it is difficult, says the post. The API modifications are “one element in a list of factors” for the subreddit’s closure, despite acknowledging a “severe lack of desire to fix key problems with the program” in Reddit’s leadership.

The protest continues

Besides this, the subreddits previously protested by going dark. Several popular subreddits followed the blackout trend but eventually reopened their communities. Despite this, the protest and backlash continue for Reddit against its API changes.

Popular Reddit subreddits r/Aww and r/Pics continue to demand that users exclusively upload images of comedian John Oliver. While this was happening, r/iPhone evolved from a similar protest that featured images of Tim Cook to now permit the posting of images of Craig Federighi as well.

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