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Reduced: Amazon sells Echo speakers at a budget price


Amazon is extending its discount on Echo speakers with Alexa voice assistant and is now offering the smart speakers from 19.99 euros. A saving of up to 60 percent is possible, even on the current fourth-generation, show models and smart home bundles. The price reduction on a handful of Amazon Echo devices will also be retained in the new year. If you want to upgrade your smart home with Alexa or expand the ecosystem, you can get the popular Echo Dot (3rd generation) for 19.99 euros or the current Echo Dot (4th generation) for 29.99 euros as well as the model Strike the clock comparatively cheaply. As usual, it is a “limited offer”, the period of which is not yet known. The Echo bargains from Amazon at a glance:

From the inexpensive Echo Dot 3 to the show family with display

The Echo Dot loudspeakers offer the most affordable entry into the Alexa world, which not only makes it possible to stream music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and Co. in multi-room style, but also to control the entire smart home. From compatible lamps to smart sockets to thermostats and speakers, Alexa tries to help you save the trip to the light switch or individual devices. Above all, customizable routines help automate all smart home processes quickly and easily, in order to possibly even lower electricity and heating costs at the end of the day. Amazon continues to grant a discount of up to 41 percent on its Echo Show devices with an integrated display.

With current models such as the Echo Show 5 (49.99 euros) or the Echo Show 8 (84.99 euros), it is possible to make video calls, play films, series and YouTube videos, control IP cameras, or direct cooking recipes in the kitchen. This is not only possible with pre-installed apps such as Netflix, Chef, and Co., but also with various third-party skills. In addition, many of the Echo speakers are available in various smart home bundles, for example in combination with Philips Hue devices.
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