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Streaming services are pouring $115 billion into new content in 2022


It is not a spectacular finding when one writes that streaming services are increasingly dominating the TV business. This trend continued in 2021 and will continue cheerfully in 2022. Or better said: more than ever. You can see that in the expenses. In the USA, people have long been talking about streaming wars, the “wars” on this market. Because now every media company has its own service of this kind and without exception all of them invest a lot of money in content. It is not necessarily about licenses, but exclusive content. Because it is these that get users to take out a subscription.

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And here is also padded and not spilled: like that Financial Times writes, the largest eight media groups in the United States are planning to invest at least $ 115 billion in the production of new films, series and shows this year. This roughly corresponds to the gross domestic product of Morocco and thus the economy in 60th position in the world. Infographic streaming battle: Amazon and Netflix head to head in Germany The investments of the media giants are not without risk: because very few services actually generate profits. And the market will not get any easier in 2022, as after two years of growth fueled by the pandemic it will be much more difficult this year to find new customers.

Nonetheless, media companies other than Netflix or Disney cannot pull back now because they risk being left behind. Media analyst Michael Nathanson said: “There’s no going back. The only way to compete is to spend more and more money on premium content.” Mind you, having a large market share doesn’t mean you don’t have to fear losses. Disney + is undoubtedly celebrating success, but it is still not in the black. The same applies to Comcast (Peacock), WarnerMedia (HBO Max) and Amazon (Prime Video). According to estimates by industry experts, Disney is likely to invest around $ 23 billion in new content this year (up 35-40 percent), while market leader Netflix will put it around $ 17 billion (+ 25%).
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