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Refurbished Smartphone Selling Increased Sharply in 2021

Newly refurbished smartphones are becoming more and more popular worldwide. In 2021, sales of refurbished devices faster than sales of newly manufactured models. This is according to statistics from the market research agency Counterpoint.

According to data from counterpoint research, the number of sold refurbished handsets rose in the smartphone market by 15 percent in 2021. Growth in this area was therefore significantly higher than in the overall market for new appliances, which grew in 2021 by only 4.5 percent. The upward trend in sales of renovations will likely continue this year.

Renovated boom especially in emerging markets

Counterpoint Research, unfortunately, does not give specific figures on how many millions of refurbished phones are actually sold last year but speaks only of growth of around 15 percent. According to analysts, refurbished smartphones are very popular, especially in emerging markets. Specifically, the number of units sold in Latin America increased by 29 percent and 25 percent in India.

There were more sales of refurbished equipment in markets that were heavily saturated when it came to smartphones. The US increased their numbers by 15 percent, while Europe and China each scored 10 percent higher volumes. There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of refurbished equipment. More and more companies specializing in the purchase and marketing of hardware used should advertise on a larger scale. Moreover, it was not often spent money in times of coronavirus pandemic of buying smartphones. There is a growing awareness, especially in Europe, of the prolonged use and repair of equipment used, they say.

Especially expensive smartphones, such as the wide range of Apple iPhones are very popular with second-hand buyers. Also, Samsung devices are becoming increasingly popular, so their number has considerably increased recently. The increasing spread of 5G mobile communications would also be a driving factor because many customers return their 4G devices used in some countries to network operators so that they are then available on the secondary market continues Counterpoint.

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