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iPhone without notch and hole will appear in 2024 at the earliest

A smartphone consisting only of a display on the front, without holes and notch: the technology for this vision exists, but is not yet mature enough for Apple and the iPhone. This is the prediction of an expert who does not expect the first full-screen iPhone until 2024.

Others are doing it, but Apple is in no rush

The technical requirements necessary to hide the selfie camera and other sensors under the display have been around for a long time. As for the fingerprint scanner, many companies have already delivered a corresponding implementation – which works sometimes better and sometimes worse. So far, only a few manufacturers like Xiaomi have tried to place the front cameras below the display – but the image quality still suffers considerably.

What about Apple’s implementation? It will probably take a few more years. At least that’s what the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who recently commented on the company’s plans. Two topics continue to heat up the discussion on this topic: with the notch, Apple currently has one of the largest display sections in the smartphone market and there are also repeated calls for a return of TouchID. Both areas can of course be solved with under-display technology in the sense of a next-gen implementation.

iPhone 16 Pro is the first full-screen model

Kuo’s prediction: “I think the real full-screen iPhone will appear in 2024. High-end iPhones in 2024 will probably use a front-facing camera below the screen in addition to Face ID below the screen.” The reluctance in this area fits well with Apple’s approach of not wanting to implement innovations immediately, but rather to wait for a certain market maturity. But also with the iPhone 16, you should not hope for a return of TouchID – that is what the display expert wants Ross Young can confirm.

He is also less confident in camera technology than his colleague Kuo. Young doesn’t expect Apple to go without a front camera hole until 2026, but before that, it could completely hide FaceID technology, as it relies much less on image quality.

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