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Reminder: If you have a nickel allergy, stay away from Samsung earbuds

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The Galaxy wireless earbuds by Samsung are considered among the best available in the market. However, not all consumers can enjoy them owing to allergic reactions to chemicals used in the product. These chemicals include stainless steel and a small percentage of nickel.

Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used metals. It is found in kitchen accessories as well as in wearable smart devices and traditional watches. The company has mentioned on its official page that the earbuds can induce an allergic reaction in some consumers. Since the company utilizes a stainless steel speaker mesh for the bud products. Where it uses a stainless steel air vent mesh for Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Pro. It is quite a useful approach since stainless steel features anti-rust properties. Earbuds are prone to becoming wet due to sweat or rain. Therefore, a speaker mesh that can cause rust inside the user’s ear could pose some serious issues.

The company uses iron, chrome, and nickel as its stainless steel material. Moreover, the company declares that the material utilized in the Galaxy Buds series is in accordance with international standards like U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, the regulations of European countries, and others. Still, some consumers could have an allergic reaction to the nickel present in the stainless steel material. Such issues are reported occasionally.

Besides all this, Samsung is not the only company that utilizes metal for its products. Apple also uses metals in its products. Furthermore, this material has its utility in the medical field too due to its anti-rust properties. Perhaps in the future, the company might consider swapping the stainless steel components with plastic or other materials. However, no such changes or decision have been made by the company.

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