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With These 5 New Features, a New MacBook Air Is Said to Debut in April

The tech company Apple is expected to announce the latest MacBook Air in April. According to the display industry analyst, the device will be presented with a 15-inch display. Previously, several rumors regarding the features of the new MacBook Air have been circulated. In this short piece, we will cover them in brief.

15-Inch Display

The upcoming MacBook Air is anticipated to be presented with a larger 15.5-inch display. If this is so, then such a size would be the largest ever for a laptop. Presently, the MacBook Air is presented with a 13.6-inch display. Where originally the laptop was introduced in 11-inch size. Furthermore, some rumors claim that a 13-inch MacBook Air having an OLED display is expected to arrive in 2204. However, the 15-inch model will be presented with a traditional LCD.

M2 Chip

Similar to the 13-inch model, the upcoming model will be presented with the M2 chip. The company claims that the M2 chip offers an 18% faster CPU, 35% faster GPU, and around 40% faster Neural Engine in contrast to the M1 chip.

Back in 2022, Ming-Chi Kuo [Apple analyst] claimed that a 15-inch MacBook with an M2 chip or M2 Pro chip could be introduced by Q2 2023 or later. Besides this, Kuo suggested that Apple could introduce the 15-inch model without the Air tag. If this happens, then it would be positioned between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. However, the company has not shared anything regarding this matter.

Longer Battery Life

The device is speculated to be presented with a large battery that would support longer battery life. According to the company, the 13-inch MacBook Air equipped with the M2 chip offers 18 hours of charge. Given this, we can assume that the 15-inch model will present somewhat 20 hours of charge. The silicon chips Apple are considered to display industry-leading performance-per-watt.

Wi-Fi 6E

The current 13-inch model of the device by the company is restricted to Wi-Fi-6. So, there is a possibility that the 15-inch model get upgraded to Wi-Fi 6E. Since the company upgraded the Mac mini fueled with the M2 chip and Wi-Fi 6E last month. As of now, the company has introduced Wi-Fi 6E support to a limited range of products. The devices having Wi-Fi 6E support include the latest iPad Pro, 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

Bluetooth 5.3

The company introduced support for Bluetooth 5.3 to several of its latest devices. It is expected that it could be introduced to the 15-inch MacBook Air. The company filed a new Bluetooth 5.3 product listing by the start of this week. However, the filing has not indicated the details about the product. But, the indications depict some references to a previous macOS-related listing. We can speculate that the filing could be related to upcoming Macs of some kind.

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