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Report: Instead of a foldable iPad, Apple is concentrating on OLED

Despite the significant growth and competition in the foldable smartphone market, Apple is not considering introducing one. Yes, you read it right. According to Nikkei Asia’s report, currently, the main focus of the company is to introduce iPads and MacBooks with OLED displays.

For the next year, the company will be widely adopting OLED displays for the iPad Pro. It is the first time in the company’s history. In addition to this, the company is expected to introduce OLED displays to MacBooks in 2025. Nikkei’s report includes citations and references to sources that are familiar with the matter. The report indicates that the first OLED MacBook model is under development, and its production will likely begin by the second half of 2025.

According to Nikkei Asia’s report, the company will shift its focus to a foldable iPad once it is done with the transition to OLED display panels. However, it is not the main agenda of the company at the moment. Furthermore, there is no solid evidence that hints at the release of such a device. It is the same as what was previously claimed by a report from DigiTimes.

Moreover, several trustworthy sources claim that the company is interested in debuting a foldable iPad that will be followed by a foldable iPhone. A number of details regarding Apple’s preliminary work on foldable iPads, including required design modifications and small-scale production plans, were revealed by DigiTimes in October.

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