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Review through Facebook if you are a victim of phishing attack


Facebook has acquainted another feature planned to enable you to distinguish and ensure yourself against fake attempts to take your information and capture your profile.

The online networking giant has begun posting each email it has “recently” sent to you inside the Settings menu on the website.

Users will have the capacity to work out whether they have authentically gotten a message from the organization by reviewing the new “See recent emails from Facebook” segment at the base of the Security and Login page. If the message is fraudulent then it will not appear there.

“Facebookmail.com is a common domain that Facebook uses to send notifications when we detect an attempt to log in to your account or change a password,” the company has explained.

Faecbook gears up security with new feature

“If you’re unsure if an email you received was from Facebook, you can check its legitimacy by visiting facebook.com/settings to view a list of security-related emails that have been recently sent.”

Digital offenders are prepared to shrewdly camouflage messages, to influence them to look like official messages sent by real organizations.

They frequently aim to deceive you into giving out your own private information, including login data. Others will attempt and lead you to noxious sites which contaminate your PC with malware, that can enable them to take your own information with the help of key-loggers and other software. These assaults are known as “phishing” attempts.

On the off chance that you trust you have been sent a fake email guaranteeing to be from Facebook, you can report it to phish@facebook.com. If you think your information has been compromised because of a phishing attack, Facebook says you should visit facebook.com/hacked.

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