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Careem Brings an Offer for The Zong Users

Good news for the Zong users! If you are a Zong customer and you are a regular Careem-er then you just got lucky.

Careem has thrown another offer as the year is heading towards closure. As per the offer if you are a Zong user then you can use the promo code ZONG4G to avail twenty percent discount on any four rides you take via Careem.

Earlier Careem introduced a Shadi package to offer variety and something unique to its customers. Careem is known for launching now and then something different to set it apart from its competitors.

It not only markets its campaigns and offers well but also knows the art to remain in limelight.

It makes and unveils campaigns as per the trends, like the very recently launched “Share a Layer” campaign.

The terms and conditions of the offer are:

  • A maximum discount of rupees one hundred and fifty could be availed using the provided promo code.
  • A person can use this promo code to take a maximum of four rides via this offer.
  • The offer would be valid till the 15th of January 2018.
  • The offer is only to be availed by the Zong customers.
  • The offer cannot be used on ported numbers.
  • The offer could be availed anywhere in Pakistan.

Careem is expanding on per day basis. It has penetrated the lives of people and made them super convenient by providing their ride-hailing service.

People have started relying on this ride provider for their daily transportation needs. Careem is not that old but the rate by which it has captured the market and is continually growing is phenomenal and commendable.

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