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Rocket Lake: Intel is sticking to the LGA 1200 socket again

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There is new information on the compatibility of Rocket Lake-S processors with existing LGA-1200 motherboards on Intel’s website. Although Rocket Lake continues to use the existing socket, not all motherboard chipsets are supported.

Intel publishes new information about the Rocket Lake-S processors on its website. As the company states, existing LGA 1200 motherboards will be compatible. A BIOS update is a mandatory requirement for this. As long as this is not installed, mainboards with a Z490 or H470 chipset in combination with a Rocket Lake chip may not be able to boot.

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Although Intel continues to rely on the existing CPU socket with Rocket Lake, motherboards based on the B460 or H410 chipset will not be supported. In addition, Intel will offer four new chipsets in the form of the H510, B560, H570 and Z590 to anyone who wants to build a computer-based on a Rocket Lake processor. The feature upgrade of the B560, which, in contrast to the B460, allows the RAM to be overclocked, should be noted in particular.

Publication planned for March

As the release date for Rocket Lake-S, Intel mentioned next March at the digital CES 2021. Unlike the previous Comet Lake generation, even the flagship Core i9-11900K processor will only have eight cores. For this, however, Intel promises clock frequencies of up to 4.8 gigahertz on all cores, support for PCI Express 4.0 and gaming performance that should be up to eight percent better compared to Comet Lake.

Intel’s Core i9-11900K recently reappeared in the Geekbench database. The new entry attests that the flagship model of the Rocket Lake generation even performs a little better than previously expected.