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Russians Protest Against Internet Crackdown

russian rally

Where the US on one side is considering to replace the net neutrality rules as FCC proposed to overthrow net neutrality and apply regulations to put more control over the free access of internet, Russia is not behind in that, Russian government started to control the internet back in 2011, the recent developments in Russia make it even harder for public to use the internet freely.

Russia has recently imposed restrictions and put a ban on web pages for extremist content and prosecuted several individuals for posting online.

From January, all the companies are restricted to store the user’s data at local Russian centers and make it available for government access as and when required.

Additionally, Russia has passed a legislation in the lower house of parliament on Friday, the legislation sought to ban the use of VPN’s in the country and anonymous messaging apps such as telegram.

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More than 1000 people rallied in capital Moscow on Sunday to oppose the internet restrictions and censorship and growing crackdown by the government.

People gathered at the rally which was allowed by the city authorities chanted slogans; “no to censorship, “No to dictatorship” and “Down with the police state” some people adopted slogans from the opposition party “Russia without Putin and censorship” the rally was organized by the former prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov.

The former head of Pirate Party Campaign, Pavel Rassudov said, “The authorities have realized that the internet and social media is a tool for mass mobilization and brings people out on the street.”

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A demonstrator who took part in the protest said, “Freedom is the most important thing in life that is why I am out here.”

Protestors also highlighted the case of video blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky who made a video in church hunting Pokemon, he was classed as “Terrorist and extremist” by the authorities and his bank accounts were frozen.