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Worst Internet Speeds By Country And Cost

Internet speed really matters now in the rapidly changing technological advancements, as the technology progresses there is an increasing need for fast internet speed. For instance, you might have experienced downloading a movie in 700MBs previously but now you need to watch the movie in Blue-Ray making it roughly 4GB.

According to the research, South Korea is leading the internet speed in terms of both speed and cost. There are some other countries who have low-cost fast internet speed in their country for the public, these countries include; Sweden, Norway, Japan, Finland, Taiwan, Romania and being Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom having fast internet with little higher costs.

Venezuela has the lowest cost of internet with lowest speeds up to 2MBPS and Egypt has the lower speed with higher costs comparatively. Russia, Poland, Hungry, Lithuania and Israel are the countries with low cost and moderate internet speeds.

UAE is considered the country with most expensive internet and has low average internet speed.

Iran becomes one of the worst countries with speeds not exceeding 4 to 6 MBPS and costs more than $65 per month for the connection.

Philippines, Costa Rica, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and Chile are the countries that have speeds between 4MBPS to 8MPS which is lower than average and costs between 30 to 50 dollars per month which is higher than average and compared to speeds offered.

However, there is no data regarding Pakistan but analyzing the cost and speeds in Pakistan it falls somewhere between the top 20 worst countries in terms of speed and cost.