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Salman Khan is Jailed for 5 Years – Trending Topic on Twitter

The Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan has been sentenced to a five-year jail term and 10,000 rupees or $154 fine over a poaching case in 1998.  Salman Khan is convicted for the killing of the two blackbucks which are a protected species in the western Rajasthan state while he was shooting a film.

Four more actors were charged alongside Khan in the movie but all of them have been acquitted. Khan has the choice to appeal this decision by the court in the higher court.

Four other actors who starred with him in the movie and were also charged with the offense have been acquitted.

This is the fourth poaching case that has been filed against Salman Khan during the filming of his superhit movie Hum Saath Saath Hain.

In three of them, he was acquitted. And now this is the fourth one. The government of India has appealed against the decision in the Supreme Court.

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The first poaching case was filed against Salman Khan by the Bishnoi community who literally worship blackbuck.

Other than this there have been other criminal cases against Salman Khan in the past. In 2015, he was acquitted in a hit and run case of 2002 in which a homeless man died and four other individuals were injured. It is allegedly claimed that his car ran over the sleeping homeless men.

Now everyone around the globe knows about Salman Khan. The actor has an immense fan following all around the world. Thus his fans are quite upset with this case and have shown their support towards the actor on social media platforms.



Arjun Rampal has also tweeted, supporting Salman Khan.


Then there are those who have supported the decision taken by the Court.