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Samsung adds offline finding feature in ‘Find My Mobile’ application for Galaxy phones

The latest version of the ‘Find My Mobile’ application in the Samsung mobile devices comes with a very productive feature, offline support.

The newly launched feature allows the users the find their smartphone even the device doesn’t have an active data connection—assuming everything works right and another Samsung’s Galaxy device stumbles upon it.

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The latest update of the Samsung Find My Mobile application (v7.2.05.44) was started rolling out over the last few days. Once the application is installed in the Samsung device, you will receive a notification prompt asking if you would like to enable the ‘offline finding’ feature.

Toggle it on, and this feature will start giving you the benefits. Not only will this updated application let the other Galaxy devices locate your phone even when it doesn’t have an active data connection, but it will also use your galaxy device to scan for other such devices. Basically, the technology company has built a sort of crowdsourced, sneakernet location system.

It is pertinent to mention here that this updated feature will also work with the Galaxy Watches and earbuds and has an “encrypt offline location” setting.

The team of the Research Snipers is not very much sure what that does, except maybe make your offline location data more secure in some undefined, abstract, and apparently optional way.

via The Verge

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