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Samsung Cancels Galaxy Note Series Adds Stylus To Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21

According to a report from its South Korean homeland, Samsung wants to check whether the Galaxy Note series smartphones should be continued in their previous form. Instead, it is allegedly planned to offer the Galaxy “S21” with a stylus.

The Samsung S Pen is actually the main point of difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series from Samsung. The pen smartphones have recently been discussed extremely controversially, the “normal” Note 20 is more of a kind of “Lite” model in order to differentiate it more from the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Now the end of the product range is on the horizon.

As the Korean portal, The Lec wants to know, the Galaxy S21 should be equipped with a pen, at least in the highest configuration variant. According to the report, this is the first time that a stylus will be available on a smartphone from Samsung’s high-end product range.

Three models – “M1”, “N2” and “O3”

According to reports, three versions are planned, each with the code designations “M1”, “N2” and “O3”. The entire next-generation Galaxy S series is said to be internally codenamed “Unbound”. The pen is currently intended for the top model that bears the suffix “Ultra”. Whether we will talk about the Galaxy S21 or S30 in the future is still open.

Instead of the independent Note series, Samsung probably wants to rely on the Galaxy Fold models with their foldable displays, which are each to become the flagship products for the second half of the year. However, the sales figures of the folding cell phones are likely to play a role in making decisions about product strategy.

Apart from the stylus, there are no real differences between the Note 20 and the S20 anyway. The display sizes hardly differ anymore and the technical basis including the cameras is practically identical. Ultimately, the report is still speculation anyway, so it remains to be seen whether Samsung actually wants to do without the Note series.