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Samsung and HCA brands introduce new standards for smart home interoperability

HCA is the Home Connectivity Alliance. It came into being the last year. It is an agreement between consumer electronics and home appliances brands. Apparently, it is aimed at the improvement of interconnectivity and interoperability of smart home devices. This alliance was announced by Samsung during CES 2022. Since then the companies have worked hard to deliver the best.

Now at CES 2023, HCA brands have declared that they have achieved a set target for the HCA Specifications 1.0 for C2C (Cloud-to-Cloud).

According to the information sources, these specifications have ruled out the standards for HCA brands. All connected companies will design products in line with these standards. In this way, the devices like TVs, home appliances, ACs, and other such devices will operate smoothly across various brands. Furthermore, it covers the legacy devices utilized by most consumers across the globe. The standards take into account the measures for energy saving based on data insights.

The most exciting part of this tech is that consumers can keep an eye on their energy bills. They can spot the electronic devices that consume the most power. The latest appliances have been provided with the SmartThings AI Energy feature. A feature presenting real-time data via a single app in a designated setup helps the consumer reduce energy consumption.

According to Samsung, this is just the beginning of a great start. Since HCA brands are working in close association with the proponents in the energy sector for designing energy-efficient products. As of now, almost 15 brands are members of HCA. These include Resideo, Samsung Electronics, Trane, Arcelik, Electrolux, GE Appliances, LG, Haier, AEG, American Standards, and Vestel. These brands have showcased their latest C2C interoperability at the Venetian Expo Center Booth #52739 at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

The Executive VP of Samsung Electronics, Chanwoo Park, stated that HCA efforts will bring forward safer connected home devices. We will continue to introduce and design devices that support sustainability. In the future, we will be able to form a world where sustainability begins at home.