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Samsung extend the support for SmartThings across various brands

Samsung has some amazing plans for creating a more reliable connected experience. Samsung is planning to enable hurdle-free connectivity for our connected worlds. It’s named CES 2023, and the core strategy is to bring in multiple devices developed by OEMs.

The plan announced by Samsung is ready to be adapted by 300+ companies. Almost 3000 smart home devices covering multiple categories, including air conditioners, smart locks and lights, household appliances, automatic window shutters, and much more, will support the SmartThings platform.

Samsung’s smart station can work as a centerpiece.

Regardless of brand, multiple smart devices in your home will be able to connect with the SmartThing app. Samsung DX’s vision is to create an ecosystem-based system of devices along with the provision of robotic facilities. In the current economic system, the futuristic step is a vision of competition to increase sluggish sales.

The vision for this idea was created in December 2021. The idea was launched by connecting various smart devices, like TVs, smartphones, and multiple home devices, to a single hub that will make it far easier to provide a connected experience without any interference.

The SmartThings station, announced at CES 2023, is able to work as a hub for your home appliances. It consists of a wire-free charger along with a SmartThing hub that is able to control and command your home devices according to the user’s behavior. The capability of this hub will be enhanced by its expanded collaboration with multiple smart home devices.