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Samsung Announces New Exynos 990 Chip To Boost Next Generation Samsung Mobiles

Exynos 990

Samsung has just announced its new Exynos 990 chip which is expected to power Samsung’s high-end devices in 2020.

Samsung has not only unveiled a new Exynos 990 chip but also its 5G Modem 5123. During Samsung’s annual tech day the company has announced its next-generation chips which will power its future flagships, by the end of this year, Samsung will start mass production of these two chips.

Samsung Exynos 990 Specifications

Going into the details, the new chip is built on a 7nm process EUV Octa-core chipset is placed in a tri-cluster format which consists of two new custom Exynos M5 cores. The cores are expected to perform 20 percent faster than M4 cores which we have seen in the previous Exynos 9820, there also two high-end Cortex-A77 cores in the chip along with four Cortex-A55 cores to improve the overall efficiency of the chipset.

Samsung says the overall efficiency improvement is nearly 13%, the graphics are handled by the new Arm Mali-G77 MP11 GPU which implements a modern Valhall architecture, it promises the performance improvements up to 20%.

The Exynos 990 would be one of the finest chipsets available on the market in 2020 which employs the new Arm GPU. Another significant improvement seen in this chipset is a shift from LPDDR4X memory to LPDDR5, it will take the memory controller frequency to 2,750MHz and memory data rate to 5,500 Mbps, it will also improve the power efficiency significantly. According to the specifications sheet, the new Exynos 990 chip is able to support displays that have a fresh rate of 120Hz or max resolution of 4K Ultra HD (4,096×2160) with HDR.

The chip also supports UFS 3.0 and UFS 2.1 storage. As far as camera is concerned the Exynos 990 will be able to support cameras up to 108 Megapixels of resolution and dual 24.8 Megapixels camera, the video recording capability of this is also enhanced to 8K video with 30fps or 4K video with 120fps along with encoding and decoding with 10-bit HEVC (H.265), H,264 and VP9 formats.

These are quite powerful specifications in the current era of chipsets that are available in high-end smartphones; Samsung’s new devices in 2020 are also expected to perform much better as compared to its current devices due to this chip.

Samsung Exynos Modem 5123

The new 5G modem Exynos 5123 is a complete multi-band solution that covers all the networks from 2G to 5G.  The data transmission speeds for 4G LTE goes up to 3Gbps downlink and 422Mbps uplink. The download speed in mmWave will touch 7.35Gbps and 5.1Gbps in sub-6GHz with 8x carrier aggregation. The modem also supports E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) which can combine LTE and 5G connectivity to maximize the download speeds. The 7nm EUV process will also help improving battery. The new modem is likely to be paired with Exynos 990 chipsets, Samsung is also expected to launch Exynos 990 chipset in next-generation Galaxy Fold, such as Galaxy Fold 2.

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