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Samsung Bixby assistant launched in Chinese language

Yesterday, Samsung has launched the Chinese version of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based assistant named “Bixby” in Beijing.

The company has announced that the Bixby assistant in Chinese would be available on its flagships Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 from November 30. Bixby is artificially intelligent technology which can recognize the voice and perform tasks as commanded. You can say “Set the alarm for 7 am in the morning” or “sing a romantic song” and it will do it. According to the company, Bixby has four major categories of command including talk, recommend, see and remind.

Samsung president China, Gyehyun Kwon said, “Samsung launch of AI-based Bixby in Chinese is of significant importance to the company.” Samsung’s president also mentioned Chinese state president in his talks and said, “During the 19th National Congress of Communist Party China digital growth for China becomes of top priority particularly focusing on AI industry which would be a new tipping point to promote national development.”

Samsung would like to continue its efforts in this regard and would make significant contributions to AI development in China and the related industries, Kwon added.

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Kwon said the growing competition in the smartphones industry stresses too much on the design, look, and hardware of the phones rather than focusing on latest technologies which are inevitable in developing society.

“The next era of 5G network and the internet of things will set the new trends in AI technology which would become the core technology of future industrial growth” Kwon added.

Zhang Daijun, president Samsung R&D department China said, “Samsung Bixby speaks more naturally as compared to other voice assistants in the market.”

Bixby also supports more than 18 popular Chinese third-party apps including AliPay, Baidu maps, iQiyi and others.

Samsung employee told China daily that Bixby has one special feature that it can understand the contextual voice commands. For instance, if you say “Tell me the weather first” then you say “How about Xi’an” it will understand that you are interested about weather conditions in Xi’an and it would tell you the weather forecast of Xi’an.

The Chinese version of Bixby would also be available on Samsung’s next high-end handset W2018.