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Samsung First Ever Foldable Smartphone is Launching in Jan 2018

Samsung is launching its first-ever foldable screen smartphone in Jan 2018.  There were rumors, reports, and news about the expected launch of this phone, finally it is confirmed that Samsung is planning to launch its folding screen smartphone early in 2018.

As per rumors, the name of this phone will be Galaxy X and its launch will be at the CES tech show in January. The news of the launch of Samsung Folding smartphone was issued in a report at Yahoo.

Now let’s answer some of the key questions of the users.

The expected release date of Samsung Galaxy X is January 2018.

The price of Samsung Galaxy X is not known yet. As the phone is foldable, it has good features it is expected that the phone will be quite expensive. The price of recently released Galaxy S8 is £689. Galaxy X will definitely be more expensive than S8.

As for the features of the phone, the phone will be able to fold via the flexible OLED panel and some segmented design. The design will be so innovative that users would be able to switch the gadget to a smartphone, tablet, and even a wearable device.

Galaxy X has a similar name to iPhone X. This is clearly a marketing strategy and quite an interesting one. At one point Samsung has mocked Apple in an ad, made fun of iPhone X and simultaneously Samsung has named its next phone Samsung X.

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Even though much information has not been revealed yet about Samsung Galaxy X but we do know that it will be unveiled very soon. The features, and especially the option to fold the phones has made users excited about the phone release.

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