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Samsung Continues Ad Campaign Mocking iPhone

Samsung is making sure to continue with is ad campaign mocking iPhone. Samsung has launched three more ads against iPhone X. Apple’s iconic phone is compared with pro-Galaxy S9 and is thoroughly mocked. The company is making sure that users may get comprehensive knowledge from each aspect that which mobile phone is the better choice.

Besides giving hints regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is engaged in releasing ads in which it is openly highlighting the disadvantages of having iPhone. The ads are part of the “Ingenius” ad campaign.

This time the ads have targeted the iPhone X’s notch, no split-screen feature and the lack of microSD card slot. Absence of split screen means that no multitasking could be done on the phone.

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The following ad is regarding the iPhone X classic notch. A customer is seen complaining about the notch that it covers a major portion of the screen while watching some movie. The ad ends with a family entering all with notch hairstyles.


The second ad is targeted at the no microSD card. A customer is seen inquiring about the SD card slot to which the customer is informed that there is no slot for the SD card. The customer is shown reasoning with the employee mentioning that Galaxy S9 has got one and that she wants her data on her phone not on iCloud.


The third ad discusses the no spilt-scree feature in iPhone X, which is available in Galaxy S9.


This ingenuis ad campaign began last week, Samsung has been actively highlighting the flaws of iPhone X and comparing them to Galaxy S9. All ads end at the tagline “Upgrade to Galaxy”.

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