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Downvote Button of Facebook Rolls Out for More Users

It’s already in everyone’s knowledge that Facebook has been testing its downvote button feature since past few months. As per the recent updates the downvote button feature of Facebook is being rolled for more users worldwide. Earlier the feature was available for a smaller portion of people in the United States.

Presently, the downvote button feature is available for “public” posts only. The United States users who have this feature available for them could see that that the downvote and upvote option are provided with every comment on the post. Additionally, a number is also provided with the icon to indicate the count of votes so far received on the post.

The downvote button of Facebook is the recent most addition to the earlier emoticon interface. This interface allows users to react to any post selecting from the provided set of emojis.

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The downvote feature tests are being conducted since the month of April this year. Some chosen to set of users in the US were given access to the temporary downvote feature in February this year. While the downvote button feature was being tested a strong rapid caption “stop bad comments” used to appear whenever the downvote button was clicked upon.

In addition to the caption the prompt mentions to press the down arrow if any comment is found disrespectful or has got bad intents. And that it is still fine to disagree with something but in a respectful way.

Facebook is fully aware that how this feature could be exploited hence they launched the feature with a message which states that support comments that are thought provoking and demote the comments that are not civil and not relevant.

No official statement has been made so far by the social networking giant regarding the launch of this feature. It was noticed by the Facebook users themselves in the latest upgraded version of the Facebook mobile application. This time also people are to witness and report the change themselves and again the company has not made any comments on it.

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