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Samsung Display Technology To Come In Google Folding Pixel

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According to a media report, Samsung Display has decided to offer its ultra-thin-glass technology to competitors. Fittingly, there is a rumor that Google will then enter the foldable smartphone market with the Pixel series.

This was reported by the online magazine ETNews from industry insider circles. Ultra-Thin-Glass (UTG for short) is the world’s first flexible glass manufactured for commercial purposes by Samsung Display and Dowoo Insys, a subsidiary of Samsung. It is therefore particularly suitable for foldable smartphones and tablets and has so far only been used by Samsung itself – but that should change soon.

More sales with display technology

Samsung Display plans to sell its UTG to other smartphone manufacturers to strengthen its foldable display business. Its foldable OLED panel is expected to be used together with UTG for a foldable smartphone that Google is preparing. So far, the UTG has only been delivered to Samsung Electronics to distinguish Samsung Electronics’ foldable smartphones from others. The glass is much more valuable and durable than plastic display solutions. Other smartphone manufacturers have not yet secured this technology.

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The reason Samsung Display is adding to its UTG customer list is that the company plans to expand its foldable display business. The company plans to start delivering foldable displays to other smartphone manufacturers from this second half of the year.

While there are concerns that the decision could undermine Samsung Electronics’ competitive advantage in the foldable smartphone business, Samsung Display made the decision anyway. It is believed that Samsung Electronics is way ahead of other smartphone manufacturers. Since Samsung started releasing foldable smartphones back in 2019 and is so far the only smartphone manufacturer to use the UTG since 2020, we see ourselves as being far in development.

It is not entirely clear where the information about a Google Pixel Fold comes from – neither has anyone heard anything more precise about Google’s plans for folding smartphones.