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Samsung Releases Galaxy S21 FE Fan Edition With Massive Discounts

galaxy S21 FE

This year, Samsung is again bringing a “Fan Edition” of its series of flagship smartphones. The so-called Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should bring a significant price reduction compared to the previous model. This is certainly good news for customers.

According to a report by the Korea Herald over the weekend, according to industry sources, Samsung plans to begin rolling out the new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in August. The device is said to be a lot cheaper than its predecessor, which was launched at prices of 699 and 799 euros respectively.

From a European point of view, it is not yet possible to say one hundred percent how big the price reduction should be. For South Korea, the report speaks of prices between 700,000 and 800,000 won depending on the equipment. The previous model, the Galaxy S20 FE, was launched for just under 900,000 won.

Discounts internationally?

Converted, this corresponds to around 520 and 590 euros for the new S21 FE and around 670 euros for the predecessor. This would mean that the price of the new device would be around a fifth lower than before, although it is still completely unclear how Samsung will enable the decrease in the end customer price.

It would be conceivable that savings potential has been found in the materials, the display, and the CPU platform used and that they want to exploit it. Even with the memory, a few euros should be saved by Samsung equipping the basic version with “only” six gigabytes of RAM.

The use of plastic instead of glass on the rear of the housing should also reduce manufacturing costs a little bit. In order to appeal to as many customers as possible, Samsung wants to use a bright color palette of green, purple, pink, blue, and gray, according to the latest reports. Further details about the Galaxy S21 FE are likely to be made public in some cases before the launch, which is expected at the beginning of August.