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Samsung Flying Drone Display Revealed

Samsung has filed a patent for a flying drone display. This display can be controlled by the user through their eyes and face. LetsGoDigital first spotted this patent.

The patent filed is of a drone that has an integrated display. It will detect a person’s face and pupils along with the hand gestures and position. So it clearly seems that Samsung is ready to launch a flying drone display that will be controlled with the eyes of the user.

There is a camera included in the drone along with an observation system that transmits info to the main control unit. This whole system can track the eyes, head, hands and finger movement of the user. Your head, eyes, hand movement can control the flight speed and direction of the drone.

The display patent is described as a “joint manipulator” that can alter its inclination angle, and the shape is not restricted to a quad-rotor form, the drone can change & reconfigure into different shapes. The whole drone display unit will also have a gyroscope and motion sensor, vibration system and an accelerometer.

Other options outlined in the patent are GPS and Wi-Fi system.

The patent was filed on January 3rd, 2016 and it was granted on February 13th, 2018. But will Samsung work on this patent and develop a product, is something not known yet.

Other companies like LG are also working on drone phones. LG U+ is the new project by LG Company described as 2 in 1 drone phone. The uniqueness of the phone lies in the fact that the phone could just sway in thin air and the user can take selfies, take video calls, do cliff jumping swimming, paragliding, the phone can accompany them everywhere anywhere. Another feature of the phone is that it can self-charge, and it has an extremely high-intensity flashlight of 5000cd. LG is calling this project 505 BY LGU+.

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