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Samsung Galaxy A82 5G Listed On Official Update Plan Before Launch

Samsung Galaxy A82

Samsung’s popular mid-range Galaxy A series is making rounds of likes from the globe, the device is focused on low-cost premium specs combination which is well received by the users, so do Samsung is more active about this series as well. Before its official debut, Samsung just listed the new Galaxy A82 5G model on its website within the list of devices that are ready for the next scheduled update. On a tracking page dedicated to listing the system update schedule for Samsung models, Samsung has just added the Galaxy A82 5G to the list. It is surprising that Samsung added the device to the quarterly update plan for two reasons.

First of all, Samsung has not officially announced the Galaxy A82 5G, but they actually announced the “Galaxy Quantum 2” in South Korea, as a smartphone focusing on-device security, with the world’s smallest quantum random number generator built in It can be seen as a variant of the A82 5G. Compared with the models that the general public can finally buy, Samsung may release the A82 5G with the same hardware configuration without that chip.

Samsung Galaxy A82 Specifications

The configuration information of the Galaxy A82 5G has also been widely leaked before, the specific location of the Snapdragon 855 Plus, 64-megapixel camera module, and 6.7-inch OLED display.

However, another strange thing about the device being included in the quarterly update plan is that the cheaper Galaxy A52 5G will be updated every month for three years. For more expensive hardware, it is strange to have less update support, but it is not completely unheard of. Regardless of Samsung’s update promise, this episode may mean that the official announcement of this phone is just around the corner.

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