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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Cheaper ANC Wireless Headphones Released

Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung only introduced the new Galaxy Buds2 about half a year after the Galaxy Buds Pro, which should basically occupy the lower price segment of premium wireless headphones. Active noise cancellation (ANC) is still on board.

The Galaxy Buds2 is said to be the most compact Bluetooth headphones from the Korean manufacturer to date and thus hardly protrude from the wearer’s ears. They are operated using touch fields on the housing and can be connected to several devices at the same time.

Active noise canceling ANC up to 98 percent

The Buds2 has two integrated loudspeakers, each with a diameter of 11 and six millimeters, which should ensure good reproduction of bass and treble. Three microphones support noise suppression, with Samsung promising a reduction of ambient noise by up to 98 percent.

Thanks to an integrated “Voice Pickup Unit”, the Galaxy Buds 2, in conjunction with AI support, should be able to deliver flawless quality even during calls in noisy environments. Samsung promises that with the Buds2 runtimes of up to five hours are possible with active noise cancellation, whereby the headphones can be recharged three times with the battery in the transport case.

The Device Is Now Available For Preorders In Various Countries

So a total of up to 20 hours should be possible. If you switch off the ANC function, eight hours of running time are possible with one battery charge and a total of 28 hours with recharging. Each headphone has a 61 mAh battery, while the case has an additional 472 mAh battery. Samsung’s charging case can be charged via a USB Type-C port as well as via Qi wireless charging.

At just five grams per headphone, the Buds2 are the lightest of their kind from Samsung to date. With an official price recommendation of 149 euros or $175, the Galaxy Buds2 is located at a slightly lower level than its predecessors. However, the prices of the Bluetooth headphones from Samsung usually fall quite quickly, so that you can currently buy the Galaxy Buds Pro with slightly better equipment for significantly less money. The new Buds2 are only certified according to IPX2 and are therefore hardly protected against water.