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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Would Be More Affordable Might Cost $845

Samsung has passed its BIS certification for upcoming phones in various countries including India. The company is coming up with A Series M series and F Series.

According to some South Korean sources, the company would launch the vertical flip-type foldable mobile device next year which could be easier to get hands-on for the budget market.

The second-generation Galaxy Fold 2 would be more affordable ballparking at $845. Earlier we had Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leaked renders which suggests that the device is quite premium and would cost even more than the original first generation Galaxy Fold.

However, the new certifications tell us otherwise, there is another possibility of Samsung launching the affordable Galaxy Fold 2 this time or it could be a different version or lite version of Galaxy Fold 2. Nothing is limpid now, but a Weibo user a few days ago also claimed that Samsung is working on a new clamshell design, which is expected to launch next year.

This is most probably the device we are talking about, the company has seemingly redesigned the device from the previous phone-to-tablet design to the new phone-to-compact phone design which is a flip design to provide greater convenience for users and bring the cost down simultaneously along with radical flip design change. Samsung, on the other hand, putting more emphasis on Galaxy S series with the new model Galaxy S11 featuring 5 cameras, it is claimed by the company that Samsung is launching the most powerful camera ever seen on smartphones.