Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have Physical Buttons

A rumor was circulating around that Samsung is planning to not have any physical buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It was reported that Samsung will opt for capacitive ones but as per a reputable leaker @UniverseIce, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have physical buttons.

However, the original rumor is not completely false. Earlier Note 10 was not going to have any physical buttons but it did not pass Samsung’s “rigorous testing”. Thus, now Samsung’s final models will have physical buttons.

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About the headphone jack, they are “not optimistic” as it was also being reported that it will not be present in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Ice Universe tweeted, “Note10 pursues stability and maturity. In the first version, Note10 did not have physical buttons. It was very radical but it did not pass Samsung’s rigorous testing, so the final version of Note10 still retains physical buttons.”

As per multiple sources, Samsung Note 10 will not have a headphone jack.

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