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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Refurbished Phones Planned To Be Sold In Asian Markets

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung is planning to cover its loses on Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as reported earlier Samsung Note 7: catches fire, Samsung note 7: recalled due to faulty batteries etc. Samsung has faced terrible experiences with this device and incurred huge loses in terms of business, brand as well as customer loyalty.

“And now this move can be costly as well”

It is reported that Samsung is planning to sell Galaxy Note 7 units in emerging markets like; China, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and many others by mid this year.

The refurbished model would have the same features as original model. However, it seems to have reduced battery capacity which was originally 3500 mAh. The refurbished model probably will have 3200 mAh or even lower 3000 mAh.

As previously identified by the company. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions were caused due to fault in batteries. Reducing the capacity and improving the battery quality may resolve the issue.

Hankyung reported that Samsung is eager to minimize its loses and have redesigned the product that is environment friendly. Samsung claims that it recalled 98% of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones and now the company have a lot of 2.5 million unwanted phones sitting on their table.

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What Could Happen If It Goes Wrong

The company is trying to play a trump card in the emerging markets. But if it goes wrong again the company could face huge fines by the governments of Asian countries. South Korean Ministry of Environment has already warned the company to be environment friendly at all costs.

Samsung also faced a lawsuit in the United States last year.

Be vigilant Before You Make A Purchase

Once Note 7 is up for sale in June, 2017 it might come up with lower prices than originals. This could attract more buyers towards it but beware of the previous note 7 cases and how it was demeaned in the European Markets.

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