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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Event Planned In August

Samsung is planning its Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch event in August. As per sources the event will be held in New York City in second half of August. 

Features of Galaxy Note 8 as per sources:

  • Curved screen, a little larger than 6.2-inch Galaxy S8
  • Two rear cameras

Better than Note 7 that had 5.7 inch curved screen and one rear camera.

The Samsung spokesperson, who denied to be identified, did not give any more details regarding the pricing and features of the phone.

Galaxy Note 7 was a big failure of Samsung due to its fire-prone batteries. It was a biggest safety blunder in history of technology. The company lost 6.1 trillion due to it. Despite the big loss, the company wants to continue with premium Note series.

The firm clarified reason for battery issues in its last release. Battery problems from two suppliers caused the fire issue as per the company officials. In order to ensure such incident does not happen again the firm has taken various safety checks for battery to gain customer trust again.

Galaxy S8 phones and their selling rates from April confirm that the company is recovering and its sales are going just fine. It is also forecasted by experts that the sale of S8 from April-June has been the most profited time for the company. No battery issues have been seen or reported in the latest release.

Samsung recovered its first position through its release beating Apple. Apple is expected to reveal its next iPhone till October.

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