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Control Room Climate On Each Side Of Bed Through Smartduvet Breeze

The issue of one sharing bed with someone is that the preferred temperature of room is never same for the inhabitants of the room. The whole night passes away with an argument with the opposite person be it your sibling or spouse to adjust room temperature.

SmartDuvet has come up with a solution to all these problems.  The same company that first launched self-making beds has now come up with an offer through which two people can adjust their temperature as per their liking on their side of the bed. It is a blow-up air blanket that you have to place on your duvet inside the cover.

It is kind of an automatic air pump. As it is attached to your bed so it pulls everything around as it fills with air. When it reaches its final form, your bed will be made.

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Now we come to controlling the room temperature. That would be done through an app which would monitor climate on both sides of bed. From the control box it would blow warm or cold air as per your liking. As it has both bed-making and climate control feature therefore it is dual-layered.


  • Comfortable, adjust climate to your liking
  • Reduce sweat
  • Prevent bed-bugs
  • Green product, energy efficient

Time for shipment: September 2017 as advertised

Early price for SmartDuvet Breeze: $199

Once in market price would rise to: $359