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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Introduce A Unique Feature

Galaxy Note 8 has been the most talked about the phone since its release. Its features, price, specifications, the launch has created quite a hype. The success of Note 8 has made us more curious and excited about the next successor of Samsung Note Phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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As per an analyst at KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, Samsung is almost ready to commercialize the biometric technology.  The technology will be displayed in fingerprint scanner of Samsung Note 9 phone next summer.

As per the rumors, the Galaxy Note 9 will have a special feature, an optical fingerprint sensor that will lie below the screen. Further details of who will supply elements for implementations of this scanner is not known yet.

Now as per previous reports, both Apple and Samsung have remained unsuccessful in creating an under-display fingerprint sensor for their phones. Apple has changed its direction and has started focusing on Face ID and 3D sensor while Samsung is still working on a strategy to develop it. The hopes are that Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with this most advanced feature.

Moreover, Apple wanted to introduce this technology for iPhone X, but due to manufacturing issues, this was not achieved.

Samsung is looking for a technology that would enable OLED screen display to double as a light source for the sensor. This would also help with the battery life of the phone.

Now there are three companies that might win Samsung’s contract for development of this feature, BeyondEyes, Samsung SLI and Egis. The first two are favorites while Egis also stands a chance. Synaptics, an Apple supplier company is not part of this list.