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Samsung Galaxy S23 First Official Pictures Reveal Design And Colors

Samsung will not officially present the new top smartphones in the Galaxy S23 series until the beginning of February. However, images have already appeared for the first time that shows the Galaxy S23+ and the Galaxy S23 Ultra, at least in low resolution, on marketing materials.

The portal 91Mobiles has published the first official marketing images of devices from the Galaxy S23 series, which they claim to have received from an “industry source”. The style and look of the images correspond to what Samsung’s US marketing department has repeatedly used in the past to market new smartphones via American network operators.

On the one hand, the pictures show the Galaxy S23+ in the color pink, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the color green can be seen several times. It is no coincidence that the two color variants appear in the pictures that have now been published. According to several sources, they are used as “Hero Colors”, so they will appear again and again in the marketing of new smartphones in the future because Samsung is focusing on them.

Although a picture of the basic model Galaxy S23 is missing so far, the smallest variant of the new smartphone series from Samsung with its “main color”, which our sources call rose gold, should look close to the Plus model. Meanwhile, the design of all new S23 models is strongly based on the previous models, as Samsung only seems to make changes in detail.

In concrete terms, this means that the Galaxy S23 and S23+ will once again come with a flat front and back, while the cameras on the back are no longer surrounded by an “island” but, like the S23 Ultra, emerge individually from the cover on the protruding back.

Visually, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will hardly differ at all from its predecessor, as the slightly rounded edges will remain, with straight-cut ends at the top and bottom of the housing. The well-known stylus from the former Note series should also find its place in the S23 Ultra, even if it is not yet visible in the first marketing images.