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Samsung might soon stop its practice of one budget 5G phone

Galaxy A13 5G

Since the last year, more and more economies are focused on the acquisition of 5G networks and technology. Similar is the case with companies. Companies are targeting the strategies that make it possible for their consumers to select an affordable 5G-enabled smartphone. Among such companies, Samsung is one example. The South Korean tech giant is centered on introducing reasonably priced 5G devices in all budget sections.

Given this fact, when 5G tech is introduced on a high-end smartphone like a Galaxy phone, then this also indicates that some of the good features need to be dropped. Although, the dropped features appear on the LTE version of a similar device. Let’s understand this by comparing the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A13 LTE. The 5G version of Galaxy A13 features 5G connectivity and a faster processor. But it offers a display with low resolution and lacks one rear camera compared to the LTE version of Galaxy A13. Though, not every Galaxy smartphone has a such difference in specs when it comes to the 5G version and the LTE variant. But still, there are some devices that can be pointed out. Similarly, the Galaxy A32 features high-resolution displays as well as an enhanced selfie camera. Whereas the Galaxy A32 5G presents a faster processor compared to the former.

Given these details and information, it appears that the 5G variant of all budgeted Galaxy devices will be expensive. But it would definitely be less disappointing than the features being cooperated. Since it would be quite annoying if Samsung compromises on the display resolution of 5G and the LTE variant.

It is suggested that the company should revise its strategy of giving robust access to 5G connectivity. Since compromising on features and specs doesn’t coincide well with faster download speeds. Samsung is oriented towards establishing 5G as a basic feature. Well, we hope that the tech giant takes on the necessary alterations in its strategy as early as possible.