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Samsung Galaxy S8 will have Al

Galaxy S8

Samsung needs to pull itself out of the insult caused to the brand over the Note 7 scenario. The company is already working on the Galaxy S8 smartphone. The company will be using its Viv acquisition to use by offering third party interoperability. In a briefing to Reuters, the Vice President of the company said, “Developers can attach and upload services to our agent.”

The Galaxy S8 smartphone will have artificial intelligence digital assistant. When many mobile companies go silent on release of new gadgets, Samsung is very vocal about it. It seems that the company is trying to bounce back from the Note 7 charade pretty desperately. Viv is a part of the project and it should be notes that Viv Labs Inc. is the co-creator of Apple’s Siri voice assistant program. Samsung plans to incorporate voice assistant services to home appliances and wearable technology devices.

Galaxy S8 Al will be in competition to Google Pixel

Many investors predict that Galaxy S8 smartphone is strong enough to win audiences back. Not many details about AI have been released but it will allow customers to use third party services. The South Korean tech giant has said that it will acquire more Al technologies to boast its own assistant.

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Samsung plans to compete with the likes of Apple, Amazon and Alphabet Inc’s Google in voice assistant. Since technology firms are in a race to manufacture the best artificial intelligence it comes as no surprise that Samsung wants to step in the race as well. This will help in consumers to interact with the technologies more effectively. It will be hard to compete with Google which is the best in the field of Al. However, Samsung is aiming high in order to win its customer base back by offering the best out there in the market.

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