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This Gmail upgrade will make you want Gmail

Gmail upgrade

Gmail is a popular email service powered by Google. Gmail users on iOS have gotten a new upgrade. This Gmail upgrade feels more like an alignment to Gmail interface on Android. The version 5.0.3 has gotten some upgrades which include a new UI. The UI makes it eerily similar to the Android version of the app. In fact, it is pretty similar to Android.

The Gmail upgrade offers a more defined color scheme. It also has new icons mashed with the new look which claims to offer more speed. The update is target to offer more speed and possibly bring up the pace of iOS to the Android counterpart.

Gmail upgrade that unsend’s the message

Better app transitions and intuitive features like swiping on a message to archive or delete is in the app’s setting page. Search now quickly populates the suggestion and the speed will quickly come to rescue if you spell something wrong.

The biggest upgrade feature in this is the Undo Send icon. The Undo send icon in the Gmail upgrade is the momentary reprieve from sending the message. If you think you’ve made mistakes in the message body or want to add more into it then the dark gray bar that pops up before sending text is what you need. This does not let the message to go through and users can then edit the message to their liking. The message goes back in the draft version which can be worked upon. This does save the user from momentary embarrassment but the Undo window is pretty short so it requires quick action.

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The Gmail upgrade is more fast, secure and effecient. If you haven’t downloaded Gmail for iOS then you probably have this update stacked up that you should start using. If you’re a user then it is time to upgrade it to the latest version in order to get the most out of your mailing app.

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